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UDDI4J Release Log

Release history

Release name Date Notes
2.0 5/15/2002 UDDI4J release with v2 support. Minor changes from 2.0 beta. Errata 3 support, bug fixes, collection class enhancements.
2.0 beta 11/09/2001 Major new release support UDDI v2 specification. Collaboration with HP.
1.0.3 06/26/2001 Important bug fix corrects problem with multiple 'name' attributes being misinterpreted
1.0.2 03/28/2001 bug fixes
1.0.1 02/16/2001 bug fixes
1.0 01/24/2001 UDDI4J contributed by IBM to open source community on Developerworks
1.0 beta 11/13/2000 Initial release as part of Web Services Toolkit v2.0 available on Alphaworks

Change log

2.0 release 5/15/2002

Change from 2.0 beta include:
  • Support for UDDI V2 errata 3
  • Configuration object to override system property settings in UDDIProxy.
  • Collection class methods added to classes that are primarily collections.
  • Addressline class added support for keyname, keyvalue.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements.

2.0 beta released 11/09/2001

Major revision. New capabilities include:
  • Full support of the UDDI V2 specification
  • Support for plugable SOAP transports. Currently the supported SOAP implementations include
    • Apache SOAP 2.2 (http://xml.apache.org/soap/)
    • HP SOAP (http://www.hp.com/go/webservices)
    • Axis (http://xml.apache.org/axis/)
  • Logging capability
  • Improved configuration capability
Other major changes:
  • Package name changed to org.uddi4j
  • UDDI v1 messages are no longer supported.
Major contribution by HP to the project as they join the development community.

1.0.3 released 06/26/2001

This release contains a significant bug fix. Users of previous releases are strongly encouraged to upgrade.
Corrected problem incorrecting interpreting 'name' attributes contained at multiple levels when invoking save requests.

1.0.2 released 03/28/2001

The getDescriptionStrings methods have been removed from all classes that had them. They have been replaced with getDefaultDesriptionString method.

The getDescriptionStrings method was misleading. Each string in the returned vector represented a different language, yet there was no way to figure out what language each string was for. getDefaultDescriptionString returns the default (english) string.

To obtain all the descriptions, use the getDescriptionVector method. This returns Description objects which contain a language attribute.

Some fixes have been checked in to required field constructs that accepted Vectors of Strings. This does not affect their signatures. Affected classes are: DeleteBinding, DeleteBusiness, DeleteService, DeleteTModel, GetBindingDetail, GetBusinessDetail, GetBusinessDetailExt, GetServiceDetail, GetTModelDetail, TModelBag.

1.0.1 released 02/16/01

Required fields constructors corrected for some objects.
Samples added to source distribution.

1.0 released 01/24/2001

Initial submission by IBM of UDDI4J to open source community on Developerworks.

1.0 beta release 11/13/2000

Included as part of IBM Web Services Toolkit version 2.0 available on Alphaworks.